Way to typescript

Fri 13 July 2018


Recently team BOLT just upgraded the NPM packages in Unleashed.UI project and enabled the support of Typescript in the AngularJS app.

TL;DR The key to support TS in Unleashed.UI is to install the required packages and integrate …

Fast Build Your App with Vue.Js

Tue 03 July 2018


I used to refuse front end development. I knew HTML, I knew CSS, I knew Javascript, but I didn’t know how they work together. Even later I had the knowledge of jQuery, of CoffeeScript, of AngularJS, I still didn …

POCO and T4

Tue 15 May 2018

It’s been a while not writing any post, I’ll try finish this series before I get tired of it. This time I’ll talk about two words - POCO and T4

What is POCO?

POCO is Plain Old CLR …

Entity Data Model Generation

Wed 18 April 2018

Database/Model First

Let's get one step back and have a quick look at how the conceptual models had been built at the beginning.

Before we build the database and the program, there's an equal chance for either having database …

Entity Object Tracking

Wed 04 April 2018

Object State

Last time we introduced how to query database from conceptual models. It includes LINQ to Entities and Entity SQL. With IQueryable object, the sql script will be built and executed automatically within the method .ToList(). After the data …

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