Building Docker Image

Sat 08 September 2018


Docker images are built from layered containers. The Dockerfile is a tool that lets you define reproducable docker image.

Generally, we are doing a few things inside a Dockerfile to define an image:

1. Basic Running Environment

Is your …

Running App in Docker (2)

Sat 08 September 2018

Docker Compose

docker run can be tedious sometimes if you have a lot of parameters to pass in or you need to re-run the container multiple times.

Docker Compose is a tool that can help you run the commands via …

Running App in Docker (1)

Sat 08 September 2018

Docker Run

When you are likely to run a container on your own machine, you need two steps.

  1. Find the image repository and a proper tag.
  2. Use docker run to set container runtime parameters and then start.


We'd like …

1998 ~ 2018 -- from Server to Container

Fri 10 August 2018

A recap from an internal sharing session

The technology develops in two ways, improving with the existing one and taking a breaking through.

20 years ago, in the year of 1998, the servers were running on physical servers. There is …

Way to typescript

Fri 13 July 2018


Recently team BOLT just upgraded the NPM packages in Unleashed.UI project and enabled the support of Typescript in the AngularJS app.

TL;DR The key to support TS in Unleashed.UI is to install the required packages and integrate …

Fast Build Your App with Vue.Js

Tue 03 July 2018


I used to refuse front end development. I knew HTML, I knew CSS, I knew Javascript, but I didn’t know how they work together. Even later I had the knowledge of jQuery, of CoffeeScript, of AngularJS, I still didn …

POCO and T4

Tue 15 May 2018

It’s been a while not writing any post, I’ll try finish this series before I get tired of it. This time I’ll talk about two words - POCO and T4

What is POCO?

POCO is Plain Old CLR …

Entity Data Model Generation

Wed 18 April 2018

Database/Model First

Let's get one step back and have a quick look at how the conceptual models had been built at the beginning.

Before we build the database and the program, there's an equal chance for either having database …

Entity Object Tracking

Wed 04 April 2018

Object State

Last time we introduced how to query database from conceptual models. It includes LINQ to Entities and Entity SQL. With IQueryable object, the sql script will be built and executed automatically within the method .ToList(). After the data …

Query in Entity Framework

Thu 22 March 2018

With Entity Data Model, we built the connection between conceptual models and database schema. The next question would be how we’re going to code with the EDM objects.

Today we’ll have a quick view to LINQ to Entities …

Entity Data Model XML

Thu 15 March 2018

Last time, we described how Entity Data Model(EDM) was designated to help DBA and developer to work with their own contexts. Today let’s dig deeper into EDM to see what it consists of and what it looks like …

Introduction to Entity Data Model

Thu 08 March 2018

There is always something exists for a mysterious reason. 'Mysterious' doesn't mean it is unknown, but we are too lazy to know. The Entity Framework technology is one of those things for me. It was set up at the very …

Docker and dockerspace

Mon 26 June 2017


There’s a common experience for every developer that new to a company. It’s painful, annoying and frustrating. Everyone knows it would be there but nobody can avoid it. And the pain itself, later on, would also become …

Golang and Unleashed

Thu 29 September 2016

Recently I opened a new project called "go-unleashed". It's an Unleashed API client written in golang. As my first go project it is deeply inspired by go-github. You would feel they are really familiar as I'm trying to learn test …