Building Docker Image

Sat 08 September 2018


Docker images are built from layered containers. The Dockerfile is a tool that lets you define reproducable docker image.

Generally, we are doing a few things inside a Dockerfile to define an image:

1. Basic Running Environment

Is your …

Running App in Docker (2)

Sat 08 September 2018

Docker Compose

docker run can be tedious sometimes if you have a lot of parameters to pass in or you need to re-run the container multiple times.

Docker Compose is a tool that can help you run the commands via …

Running App in Docker (1)

Sat 08 September 2018

Docker Run

When you are likely to run a container on your own machine, you need two steps.

  1. Find the image repository and a proper tag.
  2. Use docker run to set container runtime parameters and then start.


We'd like …

1998 ~ 2018 -- from Server to Container

Fri 10 August 2018

A recap from an internal sharing session

The technology develops in two ways, improving with the existing one and taking a breaking through.

20 years ago, in the year of 1998, the servers were running on physical servers. There is …

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