Docker Compose for Development Environment

This project was created to simplify development environment setup by using Docker. Please feel free to raise any issue or folk and modify for your own usage.


How to Use

Making sure you are in the mode of ‘Linux Container’. Never mind if your system is not Win10/Win2016

  1. Download this whole folder to you local
  2. Open Command Prompt and navigate to that folder
  3. Run up.bat to start all the server


The containers created after the WARNING are optional services that might be used for current environment. If you don’t want them you can either ignore them or disable them by remove the second line of optional-compose in [up.bat]

  1. Done! Your data for CouchDB and ElasticSearch will be saved under this folder
  2. Shutdown and remove all the containers whenever you want by down.bat


Then your machine will be as clean as it was.

Compose Detail

Main docker-compose.yml

Optional optional-compose.yml

Used for local email sending, by default it will bind to local port 9925. You also need to update the SMTP config in you database



It creates all the containers and get them started in the background.

docker-compose up -d
docker-compose --file optional-compose.yml up -d


Opposite to up.bat, it shut down and remove all the containers.

docker-compose down
docker-compose --file optional-compose.yml down

Migrating you CouchDB data from your local to Docker data folder

Simply run powershell -File .\couchdb\migrate.ps1

Details please refer How to migrate from local CouchDB into docker volume